2014-01-19 12:08:07

Trend challenge for your lighting!


We love nothing more than a cool colors and clean line and how about you?

The year just started and it is a good moment to introduce the new arrivals going around in our web boutique. We just added the promised new colors and patterns in textile cable category and there's also a bunch of new great accessories - a breath of fresh air to expand your lighting creativity.

>> Click here to see them all! <<

We are looking forward to a new year full of colors and lights :)

New multiple outlet ceiling roses - Cablelovers.com  New Fresh Textile Cables - Cablelovers.com 

Antique brass with cypress green textile cable - Cablelovers.com  Antique bronze with cooper twisted textile cable 

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2013-12-02 10:14:24

Vintage Bulbs For Vintage Lovers!


Antique filament light bulbs in Cablelovers shop

All we need is a little more warm glow touch in a cold winter's day, so here they are - The new incredible nostalgic filament light bulbs for your upcoming lighting projects and to kick up your Holiday mood.

To all vintage lovers - coming right at you!


A quick note about forthcoming colorful Christmas surprises - very soon we will add more colors in the textile cables category along with some new fittings.

Revisit our shop for some fresh inspiration!


See you soon,

Cable Lovers team

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2013-10-01 08:37:58

More colors, please!


Hello everyone,

It's been a while since we promised you a new colors to choose from…


Now we are excited to introduce the new beautiful representatives in our textile cable category.

Express yourself with bright colors or soft pastel tones ->

baby pinkbaby bluewhite-yellow zig-zagyellow neon


And for a cozy autumn mood, you can take a look at the new canvas line ->

dark canvaslight canvas


You are welcome to see them!

New Canvas Style Textile Cables - Cablelovers.com  New Fresh Textile Cables - Cablelovers.com 

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2013-07-08 10:33:43

New light bulbs for summer moods!


We are happy to announce our new glowing arrivals - from cool modern touch to warm vintage feel.

Our bulbs section has been refreshed with a small G80 representatives of the big charming G125 globes. There you can find the little ones G80 Eco halogen and its chromed friends with a top and bottom mirror surface. From now on you can choose the best size for your needs and to make a interesting combinations between them.

It will be a shame to not mention the Deco Bulbs section, which is refreshed too! We have added a stunning G95 globe vintage filament light bulb and new Squirrel cage representative, both warm, romantic and cool to the eye!

That's all folks, we wishing you a sunny summer and visit us from time to time, soon we intend to add a more color in our textile cables ;-)

New Bottom Mirror Globe Light Bulbs - Cablelovers.com  New Top Mirror Globe Light Bulbs - Cablelovers.com 

Vintage Globe filament light bulb - Cablelovers.com  Vintage Squirrel Cage filament light bulb - Cablelovers.com 

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2013-04-08 21:36:26

New Textile Cables on a board!


On Monday we introducing you our new representatives in category Textile Cables.

Ladies and Gentlemen may we have your attention, please:

Black  Round Texile cable – strong and fair - it is an absolute classic. |

Petroleum Green Twisted Textile Cable - stylish, sophisticated with a slight industrial touch. |

Emerald Green Round Textile Cable - exotic, fantastic, irresistible. |

Blue White Round Zig Zag Textile Cable - fresh and sailor chic style for incoming spring - summer trend. |

Ferro Gray Twisted Textile Cable - neutral elegance - modern and harmonic. |


All these five “heroes” are now available for order, and that is not all - our category Accessories has some new light fittings and plugs, are you curious to see them?!

Our short summary is done, you are ON!

Black Round Textile Cable - Cablelovers.com  Petroleum Green Twisted Textile Cable - Cablelovers.com

Emerald Green Textile Cable - Cablelovers.com  Blue White Zig-Zag Pattern Textile Cables -Cabelovers.com

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2013-03-29 11:42:43

Workshop for mobile lamps is coming!


Our next Workshop in PlusTova is coming!

Hello everyone!

Spring is coming and our next workshop comes too :-)

We are pleased to announce:

Date: April 6, 2013

Place: + Tova

Hour: 11: 30 AM.

For all the information and to sign up for this workshop, please go to the official announcement in Facebook here!


























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2013-01-06 17:06:46

New year - New products!


We are starting the New Year with a bang!

Our web section is filled with a brand new line of accessories. Many various new brass lampholders and ceiling roses are sitting proudly in our web shop. The various new types of accessories are giving some new options for vintage – industrial style. They look solid and are available in three different finishings - antique brass, bronze and nickel. In this category we have added also three new big ceiling roses in classic black, white and nickel finish.

Browse our site to see them!

Have a good and successful year!

Chain hook threaded lampholders e27   Chain hook threaded lampholders and tulip lamp body

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2012-12-10 13:11:55

Good News on Monday starter!


This morning we "woke up" our shop with three new products! Two new porcelain accessories are available - Fine porcelain ceiling rose and a new Smooth porcelain lampholder and for them not to be alone we have added one more surprise in our gorgeous Deco Bulbs - a Decorative Rustic light bulb.

Check our boutique frequently, more surprises will be coming soon!

Decorative Rustic light bulb with smooth face porcelain lampholder   Pure white porcelain ceiling rose

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2012-11-30 13:35:13

Our second Workshop for hanging lamps!


Workshop Cablelovers PlusTova

Hello everyone!

It is a pleasure for us to announce you the date of our second workshop. The theme is the same – Make your own hanging lamp, the place is "+ Тоva", Date – December 8, 2012

For all the information and to sign up for this workshop, please go to the official announcement in Facebook here!.




























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2012-11-25 17:17:06

About Cables and Art...


The architectural installation created by studio 8 1/2 represents a |CON|Temporary library containing solely books of contemporary art. It provides lots of comfortable places to sit/ lay, bookcases, magazines and newspapers’ shelves, as well as a computer with very rich and detailed multimedia and video archive of contemporary artists.

"Art Today" Association invited studio 8 1/2 to design and construct a temporary library in the main hall of the ancient bath. The installation is located at the largest and main room of the abandoned since decades old Turkish bath - Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The colors used for the the cables and pillows - blue and green were specified as part of the logo of the festival for contemporary art "Urban Dreams", part of which was the construction of the new library. The entire installation is created with a tremendous respect for its surrounding area, since without it, this effect would not be as strong.

We are happy that our color textile cables are part of this piece of modern art!

P.S. Many thanks to Vladislav from Studio 8 ½ for the great photos and for the info!

Cont Library  ContLibrary Plovdiv

ContLibrary Plovdiv

ContLibrary Plovdiv  ContLibrary Plovdiv ContLibrary Plovdiv

ContLibrary Plovdiv  ContLibrary Plovdiv

Concept and design: Studio 8 ½

Photography: arch. Vladislav Kostadinov / Studio 8 ½ /

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