2012-11-25 17:17:06

About Cables and Art...


The architectural installation created by studio 8 1/2 represents a |CON|Temporary library containing solely books of contemporary art. It provides lots of comfortable places to sit/ lay, bookcases, magazines and newspapers’ shelves, as well as a computer with very rich and detailed multimedia and video archive of contemporary artists.

"Art Today" Association invited studio 8 1/2 to design and construct a temporary library in the main hall of the ancient bath. The installation is located at the largest and main room of the abandoned since decades old Turkish bath - Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The colors used for the the cables and pillows - blue and green were specified as part of the logo of the festival for contemporary art "Urban Dreams", part of which was the construction of the new library. The entire installation is created with a tremendous respect for its surrounding area, since without it, this effect would not be as strong.

We are happy that our color textile cables are part of this piece of modern art!

P.S. Many thanks to Vladislav from Studio 8 ½ for the great photos and for the info!

Cont Library  ContLibrary Plovdiv

ContLibrary Plovdiv

ContLibrary Plovdiv  ContLibrary Plovdiv ContLibrary Plovdiv

ContLibrary Plovdiv  ContLibrary Plovdiv

Concept and design: Studio 8 ½

Photography: arch. Vladislav Kostadinov / Studio 8 ½ /

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