2013-04-08 21:36:26

New Textile Cables on a board!


On Monday we introducing you our new representatives in category Textile Cables.

Ladies and Gentlemen may we have your attention, please:

Black  Round Texile cable – strong and fair - it is an absolute classic. |

Petroleum Green Twisted Textile Cable - stylish, sophisticated with a slight industrial touch. |

Emerald Green Round Textile Cable - exotic, fantastic, irresistible. |

Blue White Round Zig Zag Textile Cable - fresh and sailor chic style for incoming spring - summer trend. |

Ferro Gray Twisted Textile Cable - neutral elegance - modern and harmonic. |


All these five “heroes” are now available for order, and that is not all - our category Accessories has some new light fittings and plugs, are you curious to see them?!

Our short summary is done, you are ON!

Black Round Textile Cable - Cablelovers.com  Petroleum Green Twisted Textile Cable - Cablelovers.com

Emerald Green Textile Cable - Cablelovers.com  Blue White Zig-Zag Pattern Textile Cables -Cabelovers.com

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