2013-07-08 10:33:43

New light bulbs for summer moods!


We are happy to announce our new glowing arrivals - from cool modern touch to warm vintage feel.

Our bulbs section has been refreshed with a small G80 representatives of the big charming G125 globes. There you can find the little ones G80 Eco halogen and its chromed friends with a top and bottom mirror surface. From now on you can choose the best size for your needs and to make a interesting combinations between them.

It will be a shame to not mention the Deco Bulbs section, which is refreshed too! We have added a stunning G95 globe vintage filament light bulb and new Squirrel cage representative, both warm, romantic and cool to the eye!

That's all folks, we wishing you a sunny summer and visit us from time to time, soon we intend to add a more color in our textile cables ;-)

New Bottom Mirror Globe Light Bulbs - Cablelovers.com  New Top Mirror Globe Light Bulbs - Cablelovers.com 

Vintage Globe filament light bulb - Cablelovers.com  Vintage Squirrel Cage filament light bulb - Cablelovers.com 

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